Apr 14 13 9:34 AM

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Though I have many scents that I enjoy, rarely do I stumble across an oil blend that I fall in love with the first time I catch a mere whiff. Cafuné stole my heart the moment I opened the bottle, and I continue to become ever more enchanted each time a hint of fragrance drifts past me.

In the bottle Cafuné is a mellow and mildly sweet blend of cocoa and vanilla, smooth and creamy, lying atop a garnish of toasted sweet tobacco leaves, with a dry, dark thread of black pepper and black tea shot through to keep it from becoming overwhelmingly sugary. The scent brings forth the image of a delectable, airy chocolate moose dusted gently with exotic spices and served aside a cup of steaming black tea to cut the richness.

As it dries the gentle sweetness of the chocolate and vanilla slowly melt together into one soft, delightful whole. The pepper, stronger when wet, settles nicely into the blend, peeking through to tickle my nose now and then in an almost mischievous way, lending just a touch of passion to this otherwise soothing scent. The peaceful fragrance of black tea mixed with roasted tobacco becomes more prominent as the oil dries on my wrists, and a hint of coconut becomes noticeable, like a glimmering white corona dancing at the edges of this dusky scent.

This scent is truly delightful; gourmand without being sugary, soft without being powdery or cloying, and comforting without being boring. It conveys all the best parts of having a loved one gently stroke your hair. I think this may be a new favorite!