Mar 12 16 9:03 AM

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Uranus Unguent
David was legendary for his ability to seamlessly slip through the gender binary. While many in the mainstream at the time found it absolutely abhorrent and yet another harbringer of the breakdown of society, the rest of us fabulous folk found it to be a lifeline, one that validated our freak selves and gave us permission to slide back and forth just the same.

Ruled by the planet of innovation and originality, the oils used in this perfume are ruled by Uranus and can be worn by any gender to invoke creative genius and sexual ambiguity with a secret formula that beautifully invigorates the scents of the darkness of the earth and the bright musk of spring florals. Calla lily essence helps the wounding from gender bias and the pain of discrimination.

Fresh, this smells like spring in a bottle. It's all beautiful, bright bulb plants. Maybe narcissius? calla, tulip, lily, hyacinth? Who knows? But this is definately one of the loveliest spring florals I've ever smelled. I think there's some faint light, sweet musk in the background, I'm not sure what type. I think there's a tiny trace of something earthy as well. Oude?

This isn't soapy at all on me, but as it dries the flowers start to smell slightly drier. Drydown is fairly faint, but still lovely. This is one of the scents you'd want to wear when heavy perfume is discouraged. It's very clean, fresh.