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A quick run-through to enhance and maintain an inviting and pleasant forum experience for all:

  • Feel free to message an administrator or moderator at any time.
  • Members may post anywhere except the Announcements, Guidelines, and News sections. Posts made in administrative forums will be deleted.
  • The Review Sections are for reviews only. Please do not post replies to reviews. Discussion of reviews are better suited for the Conjure Chat forum.
  • As we grow, please check/search for a topic before adding one. It might already be in existence.
  • Please put topics in their appropriate section. If you're not sure where to put it, message a mod and we'll help you!
  • Members may edit posts at any time.
  • Please contact an administrator or moderator to delete a post.
  • Please remember that this is a public board. Personal info should never be divulged. Please respect others' personal information as well. Administrators and mods reserve the right to edit any post displaying private information.
  • Outside links are welcome. Please respect others when linking sites that might not be work safe (NSFW or NWS) and avoid linking to sites with pop-ups or ones which require signing up to view materials.
  • Photos sized 480x360 and under may be added to posts. Please respect others' bandwidth by linking photos that are larger than 480x360.
  • Sensitive topics should be handled as such, and respect for fellow forum members is expected. Agreement is not required, but respect for opinion is.
  • Hate speech, and blatant, willful intolerance is not acceptable. Period.
  • All sales and sales-related posts must be posted within the appropriate forum.

Guidelines will evolve as Conjure County grows. Please feel free to contact an administrator or mod at any time should you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines.

Enjoy the forum!

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