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Oct 27 10 8:21 PM

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Just shy of six months old and vying for a career as a spokesmodel for Conjure Oils! This month we celebrate Miss Lucy's pouty first visit to the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin custard, golden amber honey, crisp crimson autumn leaves falling slowly in the afternoon sunlight and spiced apple cider warmed with vanilla syrup.

Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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Nov 5 10 1:36 PM

This is delicious! The pumpkin custard is full and upfront, nicely rounded out by the honey and a hint of apple cider. As it develops, the blatant gourmandness fades a bit and develops into a lightly spiced, autumnal scent, still heavy and sweet. The cider becomes a little more pronounced, and the pumpkin and vanilla settle into a nice creaminess. This is a lovely warm scent for cold fall days.

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Feb 5 11 2:24 PM

I've been wanting to try a Miss Lucy's scent for a while, especially since I missed All Dolled Up, so I took a stab at this 'weenie scent!

Well, it was unfortunate that I found out that pumpkin does not like me after I placed an order for a decant. Oh well.

The pumpkin turned cloying and somewhat sour on me, the honey making it sickeningly sweet. I don't know why, but it also smelled like there was anise in it! o_O I don't know what to make of that, but the only thing I liked about this scent were the apples – at first. Later on they kind of turned as well and turned into candle.

Bah... I wish gourmand scents weren't so darned fickle on me. : /

Favorites – Bête Noire Brew, Gears of Oblivion, Ignis Fatuus, Pirate's Breakfast, Werewolf

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Mar 2 11 8:14 PM

In bottle: stinky leaves.
On me: sightly less stinky leaves, but it's very sharp and acrid at first, with a hint of something sweet underneath. I hope it mellows...
Later: this sweetens up and the acrid leaves scent calms down. I really like this in the dry-down, and am glad I got a bottle. Plus, the label art is so freakin' cute!

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#4 [url]

Apr 9 12 12:27 PM

In the bottle - Something bitter and peppery

Wet on me - It really does smell like peppers, I'm beginning to get bits of apple in the back ground though

Dry on me  - It disappears really quickly on my skin leaving just a hint of something like autumn leaves

Overall - Random peppers aside this just got eaten up by my skin

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May 1 12 4:55 AM

On me, this smells like pumpkin cheesecake (creamy, spicy goodness) and herby, green tomato leaf.  It stays that way for hours and doesn't really morph at all, but I really like this one <3.  It reminds me of fall festivals and pumpkin patches.

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May 6 13 10:55 PM

It is really foody at first, but just as it seems like I need to wash it off, it morphs into autumn leaves and pumpkin.  I am not sure if it is worth the wait, but it's great once it dries.

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