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Oct 27 10 9:02 PM

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Ice cold, red hot. The bruised and bloodied kiss of eternal life.

A sanguine blend of Apothecary Dragon's Blood, khus, oud, paperwhite lilies and pomegranate.

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Jan 26 11 7:08 AM

This is the first full bottle I bought from Conjure Oils, and what a marvelous introduction! 
I mean, just the name compells me to wear it.  And then the description of notes had me swooning.  The actual scent was so wonderful: the dragons blood and pomegranate conferring that passionate, metaphorical blood scent, the khus grounding, the oud making it seductively smooth, and the lilies, deeply romantic.  So perfect, my vampire fantasies are alight!  I can almost imagine it to be the actual scent of being embraced passionately by a seductive vampire, with that bittersweet sensuality in an atmosphere of dark stone walls, flaming torches in sconces, and draping red velvet curtains...  and that frisson of the unpredictable moment where you are suspended between life and death in the vampires arms, totally at his mercy, his (or her) scent overwhelming your senses, a sweet, exotic scent that tells tales of mysterious places and faraway lands...

Favorites: Tahia, Serena, Kraken Up, Jamila, Shapeshifter.

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Jan 28 11 11:48 PM

Vampire Kisses is also the first Conjure Oils scent that I have ever bought.
It is totally amazing. I love it.
I honestly can't describe it any better than Sundevi did above. Her post says it all.
I, too, am a vampire lover.
I am looking for a whipped butter type lotion that is unscented to put some of the VK in
as I use lots of lotion.

I'll be sending in an order for more fragrance samples soon.

Rosalinda ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Favorite blend so far - Vampire Kisses, Black Heart of Innocence

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Apr 4 11 7:36 PM

In vial (pip): Kinda resiny.
On me: This is dark with a hint of florals. Almost minty, too. It's kinda weird, but not in a bad way. I like it, and it's very unique.

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#4 [url]

May 30 11 8:18 AM

Dragon's blood is not a scent I like, for whatever reason. I don't normally enjoy much oud either. But you know, Vampire Kisses isn't bad at all. Though it isn't quite my style, I can appreciate how well it fits its theme. It features the sharpness of ghostly white lily and razor-edged tart pomegranate embedded in a dark swirl of syrupy dragon's blood and smoky incense. It shifts from a most ethereal, sharp sort of scent at first - the bite! - into a richer, softer, more sensual scent as it wears down - the kiss! The combination of romantic floral, "red" notes, and deep resin makes it absolutely perfect for something called "Vampire Kisses". Very well done.

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Nov 1 11 2:35 PM

In the vial:  Very clean dragon's blood resin.  It has a crispness to it.  Maybe it's the white floral. 

On skin, wet:  It does convey a smokey image of a vampire, caked with the dirt of its grave, kissing its victim in a garden filled with pomegranate plants and white flowers.   There's so much going on with this blend, it is hard for me to pick out notes without just describing the feel of the perfume in total.

On skin, drying: It reminds me a little bit of Witching Hour, without the spice, since i'll been wearing both around Halloween.   It's like a softer, less minty cold cousin to VA's violently strong Ice Vampire, a nice blend of cooling notes and hot resin notes.  The khus and oud make it smell like rich earth, yet the resin and floral fruit mint of the perfume takes it out of being a graveyard dirt resin blend. 

Overall:  It's a great dragon's blood blend and I would recommend it to people who normally don't like dragon's blood because the dirt type notes and minty floral fruit balances out the resin so it is hard to pinpoint this oil.   To me, it smells like a wonderful unisex perfume that aims more to the dark side, yet has a lot of the conventions of a regular autumn perfume, like dark fruits and flowers.  It gets slightly boozy at the end, like the vampire has bit you and you are hazily moving into the life of the undead. :) 

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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Aug 30 12 12:19 PM

I prefer A Strychnine Kiss to this one for pomegranate-incense awesomeness.  This is more tart and perfumey floral and not as sweet or smooth as Strychnine Kiss is on me.  The dragon's blood and pom give off a red, glowing, fruity incense feel and the lily seems cool and perfumey on my skin, with the oud giving it a dark edge, but it still winds up being a bit too sharp/tart for my tastes.

Top 10: Bissextile Curious, Chupacabra, Cyanide Crumpets, Dieterle, El Loro, Lindy Hop, Marie LaVeau, Mlle C de Villers, Rose Hip Jam Paczki, & Unicorn Leather.

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