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Oct 27 10 9:05 PM

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Stand out in the concrete jungle! A collection of attraction and attention drawing herbs and flowers assembled to get you noticed! A dollop of faery magick for the sophisticated trollop on-the-go.

Sandalwood and vanilla sweetened with white ginger, amber and a drop of mango butter.

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Apr 13 11 8:14 PM

I'm not sure why I decided this was a must have bottle as it doesn't seem like something I'd pick, but I have a bottle, so apparently I did!  Was I thinking I needed some glamour in my life?  Who knows!

Perhaps I expected this to be heavier on the sandalwood and amber.  It's not though.  It's a white floral--the white ginger, of course--and that's mostly all I get.   It's as if white ginger has made itself huge, so everything else is in the background.  It's pretty, but not quite as magical as I expected.  

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Feb 2 12 4:15 PM

In the bottle:  A bit like ginger honey candy. 

On skin, wet:  It's not the traditional thing I would wear, but I like it, though the mango butter sort of sneaks up like it's going to turn to tanning oil on me and be way too tropical.  But it does stay to the back of this. I love ginger, so it is nice the ginger out in front is GINGER.   As the top notes fade, ginger mingles with a pretty floral and resin base, though it is a bit sweet for me.

But, what I got it for is to see if it affects people around me, not just if I like it.  It tends to work for me in situations where I have to deal with someone who isn't pleasant.  If they are rude to me, they tend to be less rude when I where this and what I say seems to have more impact and be more positive, creating a good communication space.  Maybe that's the attention part of this.  So I wear it when I need people to listen to me and not give me any lip!:)

Overall:  It's sweet buttery ginger, which is on the borderline of me not liking it, because I am not a butter or sweet fan.  But, it has given me good results, proving there are many buttery sweet ginger fans out there who are mellowed out by the scent and therefore will listen to me and do my bidding.  JK about the last part, but I would recommend it for the shy violets out there. 

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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Aug 25 12 12:08 AM

Glamour is a sweet scent. I agree with the review above, a sort of buttery mango comes out, then just a nice sweet fruity floral scent.

I am not sure if there is an effect when I wear it (I have such a hard time telling sometimes), but it's pleasant enough to wear. It's not my sort of scent but in the case of Glamour I'm more after the effect of the blend rather than the scent.

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Dec 4 12 8:47 PM

In vial (pip): mango
On me: mango and gingered vanilla. This is almost creamy with the combination, and warmed a little by the sandalwood and amber. I can really understand why this is called Glamour, as it feels like it casts a warm glow of light around you that everyone would notice!

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