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Oct 27 10 9:18 PM

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Peaceful roses and friendly sweet pea blossoms cooperate nicely with chatty vanilla and agreeable dark musk to decide for you that, yes, you will like this oil

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Oct 28 10 12:01 AM

Libra, I more than just like you, I LOVE YOU!! Sweet pea is one of my favorite notes in the floral realm because it's got a candy/fruit quality about it that is youthful and fun. Mix it with creamy vanilla and it becomes so delicious that if I could eat or drink something that tasted like this smells, then I'd be a glutton for it. The musk in this is purely gorgeous and not so dark that it makes this a "dark" scent but definitely a scent rich with body. I see exactly how the musk being agreeable and humble but does its part to make this blend amazing. This is playful, creamy and just plain beautiful. Creamy florals are my favorite kind because they smell like the silky touch of their petals. I told Vajra that I loved sweet pea and she recommended this so I bought a bottle outright and so happy with the outcome.


Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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Oct 30 10 9:47 AM

In the bottle - Interesting; I would have said pears with a hint of the roses

Wet on me - The sweet peas come through with something heavy in the background that I have to assume is the dark musk. The overall effect is soapy

Dry on me - A faint, lightly sweetened floral

Overall - Pretty, but not really me, which is a pity as I'm a very libran Libra

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Oct 24 13 11:36 PM


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