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Oct 27 10 9:19 PM

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The beginning of the harvest season.

Ripe, red strawberries, fragrant melons, lavender and golden sunflowers.

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Nov 5 11 2:34 PM

Funny, before reading the description, I would have guessed this was a grape oil. I can't really detect anything except a grapey fruit. Now that I've read the description I can pick out the melon. Nothing else, though.

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Jan 3 12 11:53 PM

In vial and on skin wet:  Fruit salad with mint.  A classy fruit salad with all types of melon and fresh picked strawberries.  The strawberry reminds me of Sweetest Strawberry and is natural smelling.  I don't know where the mint note is coming from.

Drying:  Maybe it's the lavender getting minty on me, because it's coming out more in the dry down. I am getting a whiff here and there of summer flowers too.   The lavender makes it less fruity and more of a perfume with the almost marigold scent of sunflowers in the back of the blend.

Overall:  It's more complex than I originally thought it would be.  I thought it would be berries and melon only, but the other notes give it a sophistication and keep it from being a perfume a teeny bopper would wear to the beach in the summer. :)  I like it and will keep the sample I got.  I am not into summer scents but every once in a while, I want to smell melon or strawberry notes, especially CO's watery fresh ones, so I will have this at the ready for such times!  I would say once the lavender and sunflower kick in, it's a fruity perfume for those who like fruit but shy away from it as a perfume. 

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Jun 29 12 6:32 AM

I have trouble wearing scents that are as heavily fruity as this one is, but I do like it and think I'll keep my decant to wear over the summer.  It's mostly a candy-sweet strawberry jam type of smell, but the fresh, watery qualities of the melon and the soapy, sharper lavender keep it from being too sweet on me.  It's a good mix of clean & sweet fruits with an herbal quality from the lavender.  It's fresh and pretty.

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