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Oct 27 10 10:16 PM

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Blasts away dark clouds. Use to affirm your intent to live a life free from the bondage of misery.

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Aug 22 11 8:16 PM

This was not was I was expecting at all! In a good way.

This is a soft, sweet floral that I find rather similar to Follow Me Boy! In the bottle, its creamy, green, and floral, but as soon as I put it on, it loses the green edge. It becomes a strong creamy floral (tonka? Its not vanilla, so I'm gonna go with tonka) and its.. nice. Its very nice.Its cheerful, and comforting. I've got a piece of paper saturated with it and stuck to the wall in the hall. Whenever I walk by, its a faint whiff of comfort.

I probably won't wear this one too much, but I adore it. It will be cherished and put to lots of good use.

My loves: Serena, Spilled Salt, Uranus, Has No Hanna, Shakti, Odin, Dragons Blood

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Sep 7 12 8:04 PM

In bottle: jasmine? It’s sweet and kinda bubble-gummy.
On me: jasmine or some kind of white floral, maybe magnolia, as it’s kind of creamy. There’s that bubble-gum note, too -- lotus? This is creamy white florals with an undertone of something effervescent -- it's very uplifting
and happy. I can see where this would lift your spirits by scent alone!

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