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Oct 27 10 10:28 PM

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Ruby rosebuds gently opened in the morning sun. Softly kissed with earthy rosewood.

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Feb 5 11 3:56 AM

This is such a lovely little rose scent.  It has that certain kind of potted plant earthiness that makes it cute and lovely, in that Loteria kind of way- this is not your old lady rose, this really is the tender rose buds growing up a terracotta wall, with warmth and sunshine in the air...  There is a sweet music in the background, and you are sitting on your sunlit terrace, enjoying the view of sloping green mountains and hearing the childrens laughter as you breath in the warm, fresh, rosy air...  Aaaahhhhh.....

Favorites: Tahia, Serena, Kraken Up, Jamila, Shapeshifter.

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Nov 28 11 4:38 PM

Rose! A sort of fruity rose like that found in Black Heart. It's strong on me. After putting it on my arm and then putting on a long sleeve sweater I could smell it through the sweater. This is very pleasant but I don't think I'll need more than an imp.

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Jan 5 12 12:58 AM

In the vial: Rose and something more to ground it.

On skin, wet:  It smells like rose incense to me, dried rose petals dipped onto wooden sticks.  Yet there is a freshness to the rose.   The rosewood adds a lot to the party here.  It tempers the sweetness of the rose and makes it more resin-like.

On skin, drying:  More of the same.

Overall:  It reminds me of some of the Nocturne Alchemy blends that have a rose incense note it them. Except not as heavy.   i have similar stuff, so I don't need a bottle of this, but CO's rose seems very natural to me and never sweet or cloying and I would recommend it to people who love rose and those who like rose but find it too sweet for them in perfumes.  This one has a nice dryness to it. 

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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Oct 12 12 10:38 PM

This is (not surprising) a rose scent, lol.  It's a little bit perfumey and dry/powdery on me, with a hint of something sort of earthy and dark that must be the rosewood.  I prefer the Antique Rose Attar apothecary blend, which is sweeter & creamier smelling on my skin.

Top 10: Bissextile Curious, Chupacabra, Cyanide Crumpets, Dieterle, El Loro, Lindy Hop, Marie LaVeau, Mlle C de Villers, Rose Hip Jam Paczki, & Unicorn Leather.

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Jun 14 13 7:53 AM

Wet this is a perfect sweet red rose with a hint of green stems.  When first on this is the same lovely rose with a hint of honey in the background, full bodied and heady.  After a few hours this has softened and become a bit dewy.  It's very pretty and doesn't change much more after that.  It's fairly long lasting.  This is a really beautiful rose perfume.  It's a bit sweeter and more earthy than Antique Rose Attar from the Apothecary collection.  A must try for rose lovers!

To the lost...

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