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Oct 27 10 10:31 PM

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A very special perfume oil inspired by the exotic music and heady belly dance magic of Radio Bastet!

Red Egyptian musk, attar of roses, golden amber, black vanilla, patchouli and champa comprise this enticing blend that will have you shimmying and swaying the night away!

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Oct 28 10 12:05 AM

Roses make me nervous, but I'll try almost anything once. I think I get a hint of them in the pip, but here I go, forging on.

Wet on skin, I can definitely smell them, but I'm not getting the scent that they're going to take over. I hope. I can smell amber, I think I smell patchouli and I think they're keeping the mighty rose down. Which is a good thing!

I didn't have a chance to do my usual nose-to-wrist huffing with this one as I had to go out, but the fact that I never paused to think 'oh god, roses' means that this blend didn't scream with the stuff and that makes me happier than I can say. So. I will keep the pip and try it again and maybe be a little converted.


Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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Oct 28 10 12:06 AM

This is instant love! It's sweet and sexy and somewhat powdery in the best way possible! I thought it might be what I'd call a dark scent but it's nothing of the sort. It's a very sensual musk touched by florals but it's not a super heady rose scent on me. I do smell sugared, spicy rose; perhaps the champa, vanilla and patchouli give it that edge. Amber doesn't always work for me but it does here, not so much in the way that I can smell it strongly but it does make Radio Bastet exotic. A rich and velvety scent and did I mention sexy? I think a man would love to smell this on a woman. It's intoxicating.


Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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Nov 15 10 5:28 PM

Bought this for a friend, but I had hoped to like this one. :/

It smells real nice in the pip, floraly and sweet. Its almost got Aradia's sweetness to it. As soon as it hits my skin, though, it turns into a less-sharp, sweeter version of Serenity Prayer. Seriously. Same headache-y scent.

My skin is broken. :/

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Dec 2 10 9:34 PM

Well I  may be prejudiced, but this is one of my favorite Conjure scents...! 

On me it's incense-y, spicy and resin-y with just a hint of floral sweetness.  It makes me want to dance!  I can't rave about this one enough, and I'm honored that Vajra saw fit to honor my little project with a wonderful scent.  Thank you V!!

Raq out with your riq out at Radio Bastet! All vintage belly dance music, all the time!

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Jan 29 11 1:55 AM

I like the way the roses in CO blends are natural and keep themselves under the resins.  It's a good match.   I often buy rose blends that are sickening sweet over the top fake rose.  So happy to have found this company.  The rose in this dances with the deeper resins of patchouli, amber, champa and musk, but is lifted a tiny bit by the black vanilla, which is more natural and not VANILLA.  Rose and vanilla are hard sells to me and liking them both in a perfume is pretty novel.  But I like this.  It's good in its soap form too! 

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#6 [url]

Mar 15 11 7:27 PM

In vial (pip): Incense.
On me: This is incense, but...something else. It seems almost citrusy to me, but that note isn't listed. I get a hint of sweet and powdery amber, and maybe vanilla, but this is hard to pinpoint.

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#7 [url]

Sep 11 11 7:10 AM

Just a hint of red rose petals gives this perfume a pretty floral touch, but the rose is very subtle and only serves to add a subtle glimmer of dimension to what is otherwise a very base note heavy perfume. I get a lot of amber-Nag Champa incense swirled into creamy, plush, vanilla-drenched Egyptian musk. As you'd expect with this particular cast of characters, it's strong and lasts for hours and hours. It's too powdery and too rich for me, but I can see why Radio Bastet is a popular blend.

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#8 [url]

Mar 22 12 11:50 AM

I had to try this because it sounded so awesome, and people were raving about it. Alas, for me it didn't work. I blame this on my skin's difficulty with red musk, since that and the rose, out of all the other notes, are what amped on me.

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#9 [url]

May 6 12 6:22 AM

On me, Radio Bastet is perfumey rose, spicy incense and very powdery amber.  It's a heavy, womanly, warm feeling scent, but a bit too powdery for my tastes.  I can't really pick out the red musk, patchouli or vanilla.

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#10 [url]

Jun 14 13 7:52 AM

Wet this is sandalwood, musk, and spices with a hint of sweet rose and some vanilla.  When first on this is a sweet and almost fruity rose with hints of incense and musk.  After a few hours the musk and amber have really developed while the incense notes swirl in the background.  This is very sexy and strong but not cloying.  On the dry down this is a very soft amber.  I love this one!  Another perfect exotic and mysterious perfume to capture the spirit of bellydancing.  Anyone who likes musk and resins will love this too.

To the lost...

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