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Oct 27 10 10:48 PM

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The evil stepmother, the wicked queen. She'll send you to bed without your supper. She is selfish, self indulgent and vain. She is the mother who uses the full moon as a mirror just so she can see her own reflection. "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" This is the Queen of Swords as well as the beautiful and wicked Queen Grimhilde.

Her scent could only consist of the finest ingredients money could buy - white narcissus, black orchid, aged neroli, Indian patchouli, red roses, the darkest of sandalwoods and the blood of the heart of an innocent, er, I mean bloodroot

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Jan 5 11 4:03 PM

The combination of narcissus and bloodroot is one I've met before, a long time ago, and its a deep, lurking purple scent, almost like a real deep grape scent, with a touch of white flowers. Kind of. As such, that's the predominant scent in this blend- the deep, lurking purple. The juxstaposition of white flowers and deep, lurking purple is an odd (delicious) one that kind of turns ultra-grape-candy on me for a moment.

After that moment, it transforms into fresh cut white flowers and red roses. You can smell the sap from the stems and all the leafy green goodness, but its still very, very dark. Its not overly ROSEY or overly GREEN, its like a vase of flowers in the dark. (That doesn't make sense. xD) There's sandalwood lurking around in the back, a little, giving it just a tiiiiny amount of spice. Just a tad.

This is another very yummy scent. Its not too.. anything. Just a nicely blended dark, lurking floral blend. The kind of thing I could imagine the queen in Snow White wearing.

My loves: Serena, Spilled Salt, Uranus, Has No Hanna, Shakti, Odin, Dragons Blood

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Feb 6 11 8:17 PM

In vial (pip): Dark florals.
On me: Mostly floral, especially the rose, with a hint of the incense. I like this more than I thought I would, but the rose is a little too much with my skin chemistry.

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Nov 27 12 10:29 PM

This scent I am much too in love with, first introduced to me by Xkarji I fell in love with the pip and soon after the bottle, I call this my "Drow Scent" as when I wear it I feel I have the dark strength of the matriarchal conniving society that is the Dark Elves. I have a naturally kind of dark appearance and even when not trying I guess people say I'm "scary to approach" but when wearing this I *feel* that and it is absolutely amazing. I feel transformed with it. :) 

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