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Oct 27 10 11:17 PM

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Goddess in her maidenhood, embodiment of the Black Heart. Don't be fooled, she's sometimes a trickster. Spun sugar, hyacinth and sweet pea concoct a youthful brew in her honor.

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Jun 27 12 6:03 PM

I have trouble wearing florals, but Nimue is the type of floral that I love.  I don't find anything perfumey or sharp about this blend.  It's a soft, natural, sugar dusted floral <3. 
My husband said that Nimue smells like a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers and sweet rose.  It makes me think of pink flowers dusted in a bit of sparkly sugar.  The sweet pea sort of reminds me of rose and heather, and maybe a bit of juicy apples - a sweet and tart floral with a delicate dusting of sugar.  It smells edible, but also fresh and natural.  Sooo pretty.

I'm glad that I got a free sample of this one in my last order, and I think it's going on my wishlist as a future full bottle purchase.

Top 10: Bissextile Curious, Chupacabra, Cyanide Crumpets, Dieterle, El Loro, Lindy Hop, Marie LaVeau, Mlle C de Villers, Rose Hip Jam Paczki, & Unicorn Leather.

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Sep 19 12 6:09 PM

In vial (pip): very sweet -- like cotton candy florals.
On me: Pretty! Sugar and florals, with a hint of green. Very springlike.
Later: this just gets prettier and prettier the longer I wear it. It's sweet and floral and pink and ethereal. I think I need a bottle of this!

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Nov 17 13 9:45 AM

This smells very pink and sugary. I know it's not in the notes but I can totally smell some berry-like tartness in here as well.
This is a very "young girl" perfume and I think my 13 year-old sister will enjoy this as well :)

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