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Oct 28 10 6:16 AM

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Ok! Thank you everyone for your feedback!

Here's the deal - I'm nearly done with the Cryptozoology line so thank you for the help with that! Right now, I'm in the middle of making a Conjure Magical Revue, my tip of the hat to stage magic!

Here are some of the names of prototypes that I'm working on. I don't want to give out notes just yet, since they're still in the r&d stage, but here's what I need form you. Next time your order, if you'd like to try these, please let me know in the comments field. You can try up to three per order. All I'm asking for in exchange for these is your honest feedback. Please post your findings to this community. (I'll create a section after they're sent out.)

Remember, notes and names are subject to change! I'll add the notes at a later date. But as a general idea, these tend to be on the dark and mysterious side - floriental, chypre, fougère, wood, and some floral/gormand.

Ok! Here goes:


The Talent:

Princess Yvonne the Mystery Girl
Professor Rollini

The Acts:

Escape Artist
Handcuff King
Mentalist Supreme
Sawed in Half

The Tricks:

Bait and Switch
Sleight of Hand
Smoke & Mirrors

More to come! Thanks everyone!


"Every second that you cling to life you have to feel alive." ~The Chameleons

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Nov 11 10 2:23 PM

How long does this offer last?  I probably won't have cash for perfume until after Christmas and these sound fantastic!

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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Nov 16 10 5:11 PM

Oooh! Pick me! Just placed an order, so surprises would be loverly.

"He does have an impressive Death Ray." "That is...hardly the basis for a stable relationship!"

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