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Oct 28 10 11:17 AM

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Ahh... ambrosia. The immortality bestowing food enjoyed by gods and demi gods alike! Our ambrosia may not be on the menu on Mt. Olympus, but that doesn't make it any less divine - though you can probably forget the immortal part - ours has a little secret ingredient added to ensure that!

Billows of whipped cream ooze between layers of toasted coconut meat, crushed pineapple, candied walnuts, fresh mandarin orange slices and sweet tiny marshmallows and topped with a light dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon and something sinister.

This is a fun coconut scent!! Initially I get the mouthwatering combination of fruits blended with whipped cream. Within the first 5 minutes or so, the fruits become round and sweet so that there's just a faint hint. I know the walnut is there but it doesn't make this nutty or dark. I think the walnut adds something solid to this fluffy blend and somehow anchors the coconut so that it's rich. The marshmallow is making itself known and it's vanilla marshmallows! It smells like white coconut-vanilla marshmallows and white chocolate. It dries down perfectly all the way, never getting dusty or waxy. If you've ever had the Coconut Almond balls by Fererro Rocher (Rafaello), this blend embodies that decadent little morsel. I think this is a gem of a summer scent.


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Oct 30 10 9:31 AM

In the bottle - Coconut cream; oozing and unctuous

Wet on me - A slightly drier, more toasted coconut comes through on a bed of marsh mallows

Dry on me - Mostly a custardy coconut scent with hints of other sweety goodness behind it

Overall - It's a very pleasent, wearable gourmand scent

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Jan 27 11 7:38 PM

In bottle: coconut and pineapple, but not fresh, more syrupy.
On me: this is really sweet and does smell a bit like ambrosia -- it's pineapple and coconut and sweet spices, but it's all kind of canned, not fresh. I like it, and find it very true to its description, but like its namesake, it's not really a realistically fruity pleasure.

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Jun 25 11 8:58 PM

I love this.   Definitely coconutty and lots of pineapple goodness abounds but it's underscored with something bad and sinister.

I'll definitely be purchasing a bottle.

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Sep 26 12 7:33 AM

This is extremely sweet on me.  I think it's mostly whipped cream and marshmallow on my skin (like a heavy, super-sweet, fluffy vanilla) with a bit of spicy kick from the cinnamon.  I get a burst of syrupy pineapple at first, but it disappears within 2 minutes.  It quickly dries down to lots of sugary vanilla and warm, sweet cinnamon.  I get a hint of buttery, sun tan oil-y coconut underneath the vanilla after a while.

I like this, but I think it might actually be too sweet for me and it kind of reminds me of vanilla&cinnamon scented candles.  Very warm, heavy, sugary vanilla with cinnamon and hints of oily coconut.  I wish the pineapple had stuck around more on me.  I might keep my sample to layer with fruitier scents, actually.

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Apr 16 13 6:52 PM

Mmmm nice!  At first I get pineapple, along with the coconut and sugary whipped cream and vanilla.  After it dries down though, it's mainly coconut cream with a hint of pineapple in the background.  Makes me hungry!   I'm glad it doesn't seem as heavy on the cinnamon for me as it might be on others, judging from the previous reviews.  This is what I wanted Arcana's Ganesh to be, but the cinnamon overwhelmed that one.

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