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Oct 30 10 11:51 AM

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A devilishly good blend - sweet, but smoky. Cloyingly sugary Halloween candy grazed upon whilst watching delinquents smash pumpkins, egg houses and torch abandoned buildings on the 10 o'clock news. Almost identical to my childhood experiences of Halloween growing up in Detroit!

So much sugar that your pancreas begs for mercy, tooth-dislodging caramel, vanilla creme soda and the smoky residue of mischief heavy in the air.

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Nov 20 10 8:57 PM

One would guess from the description, that this would be sugary-foody beyond words. On me, at least, it isn't.

I can -definitely- smell the smoke though. It's dead on for smoke on a cold night, underlaid with a sort of burnt-caramel quality as if the fire has been spiked with some kid's leftover candy.

The throw is sweeter than up close; the smoke lays near to the skin while from a distance it's more a sort of slightly-blackened sugar. If anything, it kind of reminds me of toasted marshmallows that someone let get too black. Not that that's bad by any means, it's certainly very evocative of the concept.

On the drydown it seems to gain a sort of candle-like quality, probably the combination of sweetness and smoke.

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Feb 5 11 2:32 PM

I thought I posted a review for this! I was wrong, apparently. Haha.

Anyhoo, shorter review since this turned out to be somewhat of a dud for me. Blasted gourmand scents! Why won't you work on my skin? :(

Though...out of most of the foody scents I've tried, this one had the most success (despite not being for me). The caramel, the vanilla creme soda, all of it worked great and I'm sure this scent would have been a keeper if it were just those notes.

It was the smoke that made it impossible for me. Smoke notes, in general, have a very bad history with me and I just couldn't stand smelling like I doused myself in liquid smoke and soda.

On this note, I think one of the new Vanilla Vices might be fantastic for me! I'll have to try that in light of this. So Devil's Night was not a purchase made in vain!

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Feb 8 11 8:55 PM

In bottle: smoky sweets.
On me: more smoke than sweets, at least when wet. It's not too bad, though, and hopefully it'll get a bit sweeter in the drydown.

Later: it does, and the smoke note mellows a bit. Nice.

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Apr 9 12 12:19 PM

In the bottle - Mostly the 'smokey residue' of fireworks, with an underlying sweetness

Wet on me - A combination of smoke and tooth achingly sweet sugar and (oddly) something watery like melon

Dry on me - Very, very sweet, but still with that underlying wateryness

Overall - It looks like that one note, and I don't know what it is, just didn't agree with me

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