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Jan 31 11 10:05 AM

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Live January 31 2011 through February 7 2011

Conjure Oils, the Little Perfume House that Could, is so much more than fabulously fragrant offerings wrapped in clever creative packages. Conjure is about community and the philosophy of connection. In short, Conjure Oils is about you. ConjurePunk is a word I've been using to identify those unique beings who appreciate the aesthetic and concept of CO. We're ConjurePunks - independent, fiercely intelligent folks who bend the rules to make magic. We make the old fashioned modern and the ancient relevant. We see the future through the lens of the past. Know future!

Anarchy in the Aethers! Traditional luck drawing staples of conjure - allspice and clove are clashed against the lust-igniting fire of cinnamon and ginger in a riot of black sandalwood, rebel musk, compelling bergamot, black tea, leather and beneficient dragon's blood incense.


"Every second that you cling to life you have to feel alive." ~The Chameleons

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#2 [url]

Jan 31 11 4:39 PM

omg omg omg omg!! *riots*
This is gonna be so good I want more than one!!

Favorites: Black heart of innocence, tempus fugit, follow me boy!, shapeshifter, high john the conqueror

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#3 [url]

Feb 3 11 11:49 PM

Sounds fantastic, yet the concept of me having cash probably won't happen until after the 7th. :( 

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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