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Feb 1 11 10:31 PM

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Even in the dim light of the alley, I could pick out the darker bands of brown that streaked his short-cropped, slightly tousled hair, mimicking a tabby’s coat.  His eyes were narrowed, but I knew that if I could see them, they’d be green, split by cat-slit pupils.  Add all that to skin like ivory and the sort of face that winds up on magazine covers, and it’s no wonder that Tybalt’s looks get him a long way with a lot of people.  Not with me.

A cat may look at a King.  A King may look at anything he likes.  Pennyroyal, civet musk, leather and wild honey.

Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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May 11 11 9:24 PM

Straightforward tangy pennyroyal and leather, with a hint of honey sweetness. This gives the illusion of there being tons of different mysterious spices hidden in there as well. This one smells MUCH more strongly (I can barely smell it in the bottle) once it warms up on the skin, but otherwise, it smelled the same on my skin as in the bottle.

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May 6 13 10:47 PM

The pennyroyal gets minty on my skin and blends with the leather.  I am not sure about the honey in this. It does go to the bottom of the blend, but it gives me a headache.

Favorites --- Aradia, Epona, Athena, Blue Rose, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rabbit's Foot, Freya, Hera, Spilled Salt, Black Flowers Violet Ribbons, Green Potion

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