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Feb 15 11 10:21 AM

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Now's the open comment time for you opinions regarding shipping overseas,

Since starting shipping on a grand scale in 2007 I've lost probably 2 packages, domestic and international. I've never had a problem with First Class, so I've used it consistently.

However, in the last two months, I've lost three packages, all to the UK. Of course, I'm happy to replace them, but this is not a sustainable business model and am now looking for alternatives.

On of the options I'm considering is Priority Shipping International. Flat rate for a small box. The other one is for people to email me prior to ordering so I can give them actual shipping costs.

Do any of you UKers have any input on this? Nirmala? Mark? Jemma? What do you think? More than anything, I want this to work for you. Nothing is more frustrating that losing a package you've been gleefully anticipating!

Please LMK and I'll make it happen!

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Feb 16 11 3:58 AM

Hi Vajra,

I would happily consider both options.  I know the flat rate can be quite expensive, but then there's nothing worse than losing a package!  I am more than happy to email you first before ordering next, but how does that work?  Would I need to say list all the things in my order to be for you to calculate how much it would weigh?

Personally I have not yet had a lost package, but I don't want to tempt fate! 

I do have a pending order with you, and I see it has not yet been dispatched.  Could you maybe give me an example based on my Valentines order of how much it would be if you calculated the shipping costs beforehand?  It may help me to decide.

Thanks so much for all your consideration Vajra, you're the best!

Lots of love,

Nirmala :-)

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