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Mar 4 11 9:57 AM

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Everyone has little things they do to help enhance the perfume wearing experience.

Here's a couple things I've learned:

*Perfume oils smell different on everyone. This is because of skin chemistry, prescription medications, body type/skin type, hormones, etc. There are many variables that can alter the scent on the body.

*To help the longevity of those perfume oils that fade quickly, or that your skin seems to absorb readily try this: apply an unscented moisturizer before wearing your oils. Oftentimes, dry skin will eat up fragrances. People with oily skin tend to have great sillage!

*Hand blended perfumes purchased from me, or anyone else that hand blends to order need at least six months of maturation before the true profile of the scent can be appreciated. That's why that second or third sniff of a long forgotten pip is very different than you remember it.

*Perfume oils are highly concentrated! You could scent an 8oz bottle of unscented lotion or bath wash with a pip's amount of perfume oil! You can also add a pip's worth of perfume of 16oz of oil for a mildly scented massage oil.

Well, this is what I've learned so far. I'm very interested in learning your tricks and techniques for getting the most out of your oils!

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Mar 4 11 7:53 PM

This is a pretty obvious one, but scent lockets are great for those scents that smell amazing in the bottle or vial, but not-so-wonderful when mixed with your skin chemistry. Putting a little bit in your hair can also help, since it's not coming in contact with your skin.

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Mar 7 11 8:55 AM

This is a great thread idea!
Here's some things I do:

As Vajra said, I've used about 1ml to scent 8 to 16 ounces of unscented lotion.  I've also done this to scent conditioner.
Sometimes after I put on my perfume in the morning, I'll lightly run my fingers through my hair to give it a little scent.
For use in oil burners- I have the kind that uses a tea light.  I put a few drops of perfume oil in the burner along with a couple of teaspoons of water.  I found that if I just put straight oil in the burner without water it would get too hot and start to smoke and burn.
Also sometimes I'll put a few drops of oil directly on a tea light for a quick and fast way of scenting the room.  It's not as strong as using it in the oil burner.

That's all I can think of right now.  Keep the ideas coming!  

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Mar 7 11 11:25 AM

Re: Oil burners
I've heard some people have luck with putting a small amount of oil directly on light bulbs, but I find the oil burns too quickly and can leave scorch marks on them. The little ceramic rings that you put around the bulbs to diffuse the oil are my method of choice when it comes to light bulbs- makes the room smell like magic every time you turn on a light.

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Mar 7 11 11:32 AM

I have an iMac. And... when I'm gaming, the back of it heats up like you wouldn't believe. (Elegant design, yes. Efficient heat sinks, no.)

But putting a swatch of oil on the case over the power supply area will scent my office for hours! :D

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Mar 7 11 7:36 PM

I alot of times, because I'm one to burn perfume oils off very fast, will take about 1ml of oil to 4-6 oz of vodka and make a spray out of it.. that way I can spray my clothing. The vodka scent dissipates pretty immediately .. and you can use vanilla vodka when you want a lil extra vanilla in a blend ;D

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Mar 7 11 9:34 PM

The vodka is a great idea!

Someone taught me once to put an empty vanilla bean pod in the canister of the vacuum so when you clean, it makes the house smell like vanilla. I like to liberally apply a vanilla-based oil scent to the bean pod and let it dry before I add it to the vacuum canister. The bean pod does it trick pretty much indefinitely- its how I get my vanilla fix. =D

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Mar 8 11 5:59 AM

Wow I love this thread!

I like to rub a few drops on to the bristles of my hair brush, then visualise some beautiful magic being created as I brush my hair, like a sort of "glamour spell".  Like if I brush my hair with Ethernity, I can imagine myself a Victorian femme fatale, and if I use Serena or Tahia, I can then swish my hair around when I'm bellydancing and I can BE Serena or Tahia (my two favorite souk scents)

I also like to add a couple of drops to my bath water for an extra luxurious bath!  (I don't like bubbles all that much, so I prefer just to have scented water...)  I had an Incubus bath the other day.  V. nice.

The oil burner is reserved for those scents I don't like on my skin, or that I don't want to smell like, but that I still love the smell of (like Pomme D'Ambre for example).

I also like to rub a bit of a scent on my sweaters, the wooly ones, because I love the combination of soft warm fuzzy materials and soft warm fuzzy scents, especially the more ambery ones.  In fact, Blood Type A is a good one for that purpose (to me)- but you have to love the scent, cause it will stay there for a while!

Vajra is totally right about the maturation: when I first got Withered Opera I couldn't stand it, it smelled wrong, and now, it's actually turned into something quite lovely and pleasant- the notes no longer clash, they have merged together better, and I get more of a sense of the concept now than I did when I first opened the bottle!  In fact, Blood Type A is one of my favorites at the moment, and yet that one also, when I first got it, it smelled a bit flat.  It has warmed and developed into the oil it was meant to be now!  Same thing happened with a few others, but you get the picture!

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#8 [url]

Mar 8 11 8:09 PM

I forgot this one, but the previous post about the Apple computer reminded me: I bought this from Think Geek, and will add a few drops of a favorite oil from a pip while sitting at my computer. :D

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#9 [url]

Mar 8 11 10:28 PM

...I need that. Like, three years ago. o_o Single greatest invention ever, I do believe.

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Jun 11 11 10:28 AM

I forgot this one, but the previous post about the Apple computer reminded me: I bought this from Think Geek, and will add a few drops of a favorite oil from a pip while sitting at my computer. :D


I need this!

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Sep 7 11 12:05 AM

I have dry skin but I've also read people with recessive genes (blonde hair, blue eyes, light dry skin) tend to have to apply the most perfume...and I have! 

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