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Sep 12 11 3:20 AM

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WINTER: Element of Water. Frozen in the silent blackness of midnight we lie dormant, longing for the ever-changing, spontaneous energy that is the signature of Mercury. Conserving our energy, we fend off our primal fears of darkness and death while we wait in suspended animation for the creative cycle to begin again with the rising sun.

Pomegranate fruit, blood musk, black vanilla orchid, dark patchouli, sugared amber, black currant and deep myrrh.

Favorites! -- Werewolf, Obatala, Aswang, Knock On Wood, Lightless Maze, Wendigo, Gears of Oblivion

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Sep 23 11 7:59 AM

This smells divine - rich thick red musk, deep amber, patchouli, the velvety tang of black currant - sexy, heady, rich... and then myrrh shows up to the party and this goes completely sharp and headache-inducing. Damn you myrrh!! If you are not hyper-sensitive to myrrh like I am, you'll want to grab your lover and roll around in sheets smelling of this. Strong and sexy.

Favorites: Shakti, A Strycnine Kiss, Nuit, Oshun, Comet, Goth Chick Pride, Lindy Hop

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Oct 18 11 7:59 AM

Wet this is very light and sweet, almost no scent at all.  When first on this is a gorgeous amber, musk and patchouli blend with hints of myrrh.  After a couple of hours this is a lovely blend of amber and myrrh with some sweetness to it which might be the pomegranate.  This is really dark and sexy!  On the dry down this is a blend of vanilla, myrrh and amber.  There's also a bit of a sharp edge to it almost like black pepper which is really interesting.  Love this one!

To the lost...

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