May 2 12 12:02 PM

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"Rati - Indian Goddess of Physical Pleasures, consort of Kama
Sensual red musk, dark amber, Indian patchouli, aged vanilla resin, ripe fig, juicy crimson strawberry and a delicate garland of jasmine and violet blossoms."

I first tried this on without knowing/remembering the list of notes, and definitely picked out the red musk and patchouli.  The red musk has a fruity, sweet, wine sort of scent to my nose, and the patchouli is dark and earthy (and a little too dirty for my tastes these days).  As it dries down, Rati is very heavy on the patchouli (gritty and a bit like some of the hemp oils I've tried), with a hint of what smells like very sour strawberry.  Over time, I get a sharp, perfumey jasmine from the mix as well.
Dirty patchouli, sour, artificial strawberry, and perfumey jasmine.  This blend just doesn't seem to be working out on me at all.

Top 10: Bissextile Curious, Chupacabra, Cyanide Crumpets, Dieterle, El Loro, Lindy Hop, Marie LaVeau, Mlle C de Villers, Rose Hip Jam Paczki, & Unicorn Leather.