Jun 3 12 4:32 PM

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Today's offering, 13, is blended to be incredibly useful for breaking old habits, ridding your life of worn out situations that no longer serve you, and for fortifying your passions and resolve. It contains 13 essential oils famous for their abilities to cut and clear, as well as a hefty portion of a mixture of thirteen herbal and mineral curios added to each and every bottle for added oomph! Great for dressing your body in blessing gestures, anointing amulets, candles or mojos, adding to bath or wash water or just add a couple drops to a burner and allow the aroma to cleanse and purify the area around you.

In bottle: sweet and clovey, I think, with herbs.
On me: this isn’t the best, perfumewise. It’s very strong and a little astringent. I think I smell clove and something almost medicinal. However, I plan to use this for good luck and in rituals, so we’ll see how potent it is that way!
Later: the medicinal herbal smell fades fairly quickly, and this is a lovely, spicy scent reminiscent of cloves and cinnamon and all those good types of bakery-spice type of things. As far as its potency, I had an amazing day while wearing it, so that bodes well. I plan to do some candle work with it in the hopes of attracting more good luck, but it seems promising! This scent has a very good "feel" to it.